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The World's First Funded Decentralized Digital Currency

The entire supply of M2 along with $50 million was locked inside a smart contract, creating a decentralized central bank (“DCB”) for buyers and sellers.

Decentralized Central Bank "The People's Bank"

To facilitate M2 price discovery, the DCB uses an Automated Market Maker (“AMM”) where anyone can swap in and out of M2 using ETH, USDC, USDT, or DAI, providing universal, fair access to a virtual order book.

M2 is NOT an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”)

When M2 is purchased, no funds go to a project, individual or organization.
Funds only go in and out of the Automated Market Maker curve to facilitate market trades. Period.

M2 is NOT a Token with Owners Managing Ongoing Coin Distribution.

M2 does not have owners and 100% of the tokens were placed in the DCB.
No M2 tokens are being “held back.” They are all “out there.”

How Does M2 Get On More Exchanges?

Because M2 Has No Owners, and there is no more M2 to be distributed. The only way M2 could be placed on another exchange would be for someone to purchase M2 from the DCB and place it on another exchange.

M2 Will Impact The Most Financially Distressed Places in The World

Perpetual Individual Mining for M2 will empower independent economies all over the world, birthing a new monetary system that shift power from traditional financial institutions to the people.

M2 Cash Has Redefined Digital Currency. Price Discovery is Just Happening

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